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Jeffery W. Marx, Rector


Rector’s Greeting

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I am the oldest of four children born to a career sailor and stay-at-home mom in Chicago, Illinois. At age 10, I moved with my family to Philadelphia, and when I was 14, we moved to Memphis. I came to faith in the Roman Catholic Church and entered seminary at Saint Meinrad Monastery in Indiana, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History (with Philosophy, English, and Religion minors). Following graduation, I attended the Catholic University in Leuven, Belgium, earning two master’s degrees. I wrote a thesis on “A Catholic Response to Fundamentalism” (one chapter was published). Ordained in 1984, I was active in youth ministry, parish work, and a Catholic High School. In 1989, I left ministry and spent ten years at Youth Villages, most of that time as Director of Training and Performance Improvement. During that time I earned a Master of Science in Social Work. I broadened my theological insights and spirituality in unique ways from the experience of working with emotionally disturbed youth. I was also married during this time, and we had two children. Attending the Episcopal church, I was invited to consider a call to priestly ministry in this church, and in 1999 I became an active Episcopal priest at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Memphis. I will never forget my first sermon, as my father had died the evening before my first Eucharist there. Blessings and loss often go together. Jesus was present to me in a wonderful way that day. After two years at the Cathedral, I packed up my belongings and drove thirty miles out Poplar Avenue, turned right, drove one block, and came to my new home: Saint Andrew’s. I started on Ash Wednesday, February 28, 2001. I told the congregation I was so happy that it was hard to feel that it was Lent! The joy and excitement has never abated. Saint Andrew’s has grown and contracted, but through it all we have focused on prayer, study, and the work of the Kingdom. Four years ago, we added to our family with the birth of our youngest son. As the other two children have gone off to college, he has begun preschool. Life ends. Life begins. Always in flux. Always with Jesus. My life has been a pretty amazing journey. I look forward to the days ahead.


Fr. David

David M. Carletta, Assoc. Rector


Phone: (901) 853-0425 ext. 12

When you enter St. Andrew’s Church you can look up and see that the ceiling resembles the inside hull of a boat. In fact, the name of the part of the church where the congregation sits is called the “nave” from the Latin word navis, which means boat. Just as Noah and his family navigated the ark to new life after the flood, the Church holds and navigates all of us to the promised Kingdom of God. I thank God for the opportunity to sail as associate rector of Saint Andrew’s Church. I am an Italian American from Rochester, New York. I lived in Rochester until the age of twelve, when my family moved to Dallas, Texas. After leaving Texas to go to college in Northern California, I attended my first Episcopal church service at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Later, I moved to Athens, Ohio, to pursue a master’s degree in Latin American studies at Ohio University. I attended the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd on the campus of Ohio University and was active in the Canterbury Association there. I was received into the Episcopal Church in 2004. I met my wife Susanne Eineigel while we were both studying abroad in Southwestern Mexico. Susanne is from British Columbia, Canada. She came to the United States to earn a doctorate in Latin American history at the University of Maryland. I earned a doctorate in Latin American & Caribbean history at Michigan State University. We were married in Saint Agnes Anglican Church in Vancouver in 2006. Susanne and I lived in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood for three years while I attended the General Theological Seminary. While at seminary, my training parish was Christ Church New Brighton on Staten Island. I was ordained to the priesthood in December 2010 at Grace Church in Newark, New Jersey, by the Rt. Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr., Tenth Bishop of Michigan. Before coming to Saint Andrew’s, I served as assistant to the rector at the Church of St. Matthew & St. Timothy in Manhattan’s Upper West Side and as vicar of St. Andrew’s Church in Beacon, New York. Susanne and I are glad to be in Collierville raising our daughter Lucia, who was born in July 2013.

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