Parish History

Saint Andrew’s Church began with a few members meeting together after the Civil War in 1865. Meetings were held in private homes until our house of worship was constructed. In 1890, Bishop Charles Todd Quintard officiated at the laying of the cornerstone for our house of worship. The following year, Bishop Quintard consecrated Saint Andrew’s Church. From 1890 to 1921, our Sunday school for children was under the direction of Miss Anna Holden. The Rev. C. L. Widney, Rector of St. George’s Church in Germantown, held two services a month at Saint Andrew’s from 1941 to 1952. During these years, Saint Andrew’s welcomed a visit from The Rt. Rev. Thomas N. Carruthers, D.D., Bishop of South Carolina and Chancellor of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. While visiting his mother and family here in Collierville, Bishop Carruthers stopped by to see this church of his boyhood.

In 1961, Saint Andrew’s Church was happy to receive its first Priest-in-Residence, The Rev. William Carson Fraser. In the early 1960s, work was begun on Saint Andrew’s first parish hall under the supervision of Stanley Carruthers, a nephew of Bishop Carruthers and a lifelong member of Saint Andrew’s Church. In 1965, The Rev. Dr. E. Dargan Butt became our second Priest-in-Residence. That same year, our first parish hall was sold to the City of Collierville to be used as its City Hall. In 1966, a new parish hall was constructed, again under the supervision of Stanley Carruthers. It was designed by Gen. Robert Charles Dean, of Boston, U.S. Army, Retired. The Rev. Dr. Butt came to Collierville from Evanston, Illinois, where he had been a member of the faculty of Seabury-Western Theological Seminary since 1946. He was succeeded by The Rev. LeRoy M. Carter, who became our Vicar in 1970. The Rev. Carter was a graduate of the University of Chattanooga and the University of the South. Saint Andrew’s Church finally became a parish at the 146th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee in 1978.

The Rev. Carter preached his last sermon at Saint Andrew’s Church on Easter Sunday in April 1978. Later that year, he died of cancer at the age of 50. He was followed by The Rev. David Landers, who arrived in Collierville in 1979 with his wife Carol and their daughters Caroline, Candice, and Cate. The Rev. Landers served at Saint Andrew’s for nine years. The Rev. James W. Cubine, a Seabury-Western Theological Seminary graduate, became our Rector in 1989. He brought with him his wife Carroll and their two daughters, Heather and Elaina. In 1994, the parish welcomed The Rev. John C. Sterling. He was raised by staunch Presbyterian parents, and his wife Shirley was raised Lutheran. They joined the Episcopal Church following the birth of their first son in 1951. After graduating from Virginia Theological Seminary, The Rev. Sterling was ordained an Episcopal priest in 1968. He served at Saint Andrew’s Church until 2009. Our current Rector, The Rev. Jeffery W. Marx, has been with us since 2001.