Parish Life

It is said that the early Christians were known for their service to humanity, their firm faith in Jesus, and their love for one another. Such love is not unique to our parish, but it is certainly, for many, a key characteristic of our time together. For many of us, the time spent at Saint Andrew’s is the center of our life—spiritually and also socially. Parish Life, often called Family Life, covers a wide range of groups and activities. Worship, study, and outreach are covered in other pages; here you find everything else. “In-reach” is the pastoral care and fellowship that one receives as disciples gathered together in church. In all churches, prayer would be important, but we have a special emphasis at Saint Andrew’s on personal prayer and prayer groups. You will notice that we have a range of such offerings.  As we grow in our own prayer life, we find it easier to do the work of apostles—ministry in outreach. We are working to provide greater growth opportunities for spiritual development and ministry enhancement. There are two youth ministers and a family life minister who coordinate events and activities. In addition, individuals are welcome to provide in-reach opportunities (for example, our Easter potluck dinner). During the year, we try to schedule parish-wide events, usually around food! There are several “fun-draisers” during the year, as well. They might be called “Parties with a Purpose!”

Jesus was with people in their daily lives. We want the church to be a place where we gather for fun and fellowship, keeping our eyes open for Jesus among us. In the days ahead, we plan to have retreats and out-of-town trips and to attend local events (zoo, theatre, concerts, ballgames), where we can be together informally and become friends. The particulars will be found on the calendar of events.

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