Adult Choir

Through hymns, responses, chant, and beautiful offertory and communion music, Saint Andrew’s Chancel Choir provides musical leadership for congregational singing during our 10:30 AM Sunday service of Holy Eucharist. Under the direction and training of Jeremy T. Warner, Choral Conductor, our choir sings anthems and makes other special musical offerings throughout the year to beautify and enhance the experience of worship. Choristers wear a cassock and surplice and sit together in a section of the chancel, the area of the church set apart for the altar, ambo, credence table, and seats for officiating and assisting ministers. Rehearsals are held on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:20 AM, and once per month there is a Choir Retreat after the 10:30 AM service. Highlights of our church year include the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday at 10:30 AM, and Christmas Eve at 9:00 PM with Carols of the Season followed by the service of Holy Eucharist. New members are always welcome. We encourage anyone with an interest in music to contact Mr. Warner at his church e-mail.

Saint Andrew's Choir


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